Regularisation of Unapproved Plots and Layouts, an Update

How to Get Regularised an Unapproved Plot in Tamilnadu?

The Online Registration for Regularisation of Unapproved Plots started off on 5th May 2017 has come to a close by 16th Nov 2018. 

Yet, Offline submission of Application continues. Read on to know more about the details 

Offline Registration of Unapproved Plots and Layouts for Regularisation

The Online Registration is now closed. Even so,  there is still hope for those who missed the deadline. CMDA/DTCP is now receiving Applications offline.

Now, even if one person has applied before the deadline ended on Nov 2018, the Layout becomes eligible for Regularisation. For this, the Government issued a GO on Feb 2019. According to this GO, “a plot holder may apply even after the 3rd November 2018 for regularisation of plot under this rule”

The change is only on the quantum of Regularisation charges. This increase in Regularisation Charges is 10%, 25%, and 50% for slabs of 6 months period starting from 4th Nov 2018. The second 6 month period is running now which will come to a close by 3rd Nov 2019. From 4th Nov 2019, there will be an increase of 50% in the Regularisation charges.

But there is no change in the Scrutiny Fees and Development Charges. Also, individual Applicant need not pay  Open Space Reservation Charges.

How to Proceed

First, find out whether the Unapproved plot or Layout is eligible for Regularisation. Even if one plot owner has applied for Regularisation in an Unapproved Layout, all the plots in that Layout are eligible for Regularisation.

Expenses Involved for Getting the Unapproved Plots and Layouts Regularised:
Scrutiny Fee or Registration Fee
Development Charges
Regularisation Charges
Fee for Licenced Surveyor
Follow Up Charges for Liaison Work
Other Charges 
Documents To Be Submitted for Getting the Unapproved Plots and Layouts Regularised

Self Attested Copies of the Sale Deed 

Encumbrance Certificate-Up-to-date


Layout Copy

Topo Sketch/FMB Map Attested by a Licensed Surveyor

Town Survey Land Record Copy 

Aadhar Card 

Submit Four Copies of the above documents along with the filled up Application and ₹ 500/ Scrutiny fee to the Competent Authority.

Follow Up is the Key
The description above are the steps involved in getting the Unapproved Plots and Layouts Regularised. In actual practice, it involves a lot of follow up actions at various levels right from the stage of submission of Application. It may not be possible for an Applicant to do the follow up to get the Plot Regularised.
Consequences of Non-Approval

The May 2017 GO (Regularisation GO) says that those who hold on to the Unapproved Plots, couldn’t transfer the Property through a Sale Deed.

Moreover, approval of Building Plans, electricity, water supply, drainage and sewerage connections, shall be denied to such Unapproved Plots or Layouts, according to those Rules.

But now, Registration or Transfer of Property takes place even in the case of Unapproved Plots. The situation may change in the future if anyone files another PIL demanding strict implementation of the GO.
Also, Unapproved plots have a lower market value. In view of these facts, it’s better to get the Unapproved Plots Regularised when the option exists.

Want to Get Your Plots and Layouts Regularised or Approved?

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Plots that are not eligible for Regularisation are:
Plots on public water bodies,
Plots in Poramboke areas,
Plots in OSR Land area,
Plots that block access to surrounding lands,
Plots that are on any Rail or Road corridor,
Plots that encroach on public road or street
Also, the Applications must be in conformity with the following Rules and Regulations:
 i)The Civil Aviation Regulations
ii)The Ministry of Defence Regulations
iii) The Coastal Zone Regulations
iv) Hill Stations Building Rules
v) The Regulations in respect of Aquifer Recharge Area
vi) The Regulations in respect of Red Hills Catchment Area
vii) The Provisions of the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act
viii) and the Tamil Nadu Ancient, Historical Monuments, Archaeological Sites, and Remains Act

A total of around 4500 Layout Frameworks are Regularised by the Competent Authorities, in the Chennai Metropolitan Authority Area, according to CMDA Website.. The details of the Approval No. along with the Maps/Sketch are up in the CMDA Website. The Approved Maps/Sketch can be downloaded by the General Public.

Applicability of the Rules

These Rules will be applicable only for the Registered Unapproved Plots in the following manner: 
 i) in the Chennai Metropolitan Area, between August 5, 1975 (the date when the First Master Plan was Notified) and  October 20, 2016 ie upto the Ban on Registration imposed by the High Court,
ii)in the rural areas outside the Chennai Metropolitan Area for layouts formed between November 29, 1972 (the date when DTCP came into existence) and October 20, 2016,
iii) and in the urban local bodies outside the Chennai Metropolitan Area, for layouts formed between January 1, 1980 (the date when the first Regularisation Scheme was rolled out) and October 20, 2016.

All the Plots Registered before these dates in those areas, will  be ‘deemed as Regularised’.

Revised Regularisation Charges
 Regularisation Charge Per Square Meter of Plot Area (in Rupees)
1.City Municipal Corporation Area110125150
2.Municipal Area667590
3.Areas Covered by Town Panchayats and Village Panchhayats3337.5045
The development charge per square metre of the plot area shall be-

a) Rs.500/- in City Municipal Corporation Area;
(b) Rs.250/-in Special and Selection Grade Municipal Area;
(c) Rs.150/-in Grade-I and Grade-II Municipal Area;
(d) Rs.75/-in Town Panchayat Area; and
(e) Rs.25/-in Village Panchayat Area.

The Rates given above are per Square Meter. 1 Sq Meter = 10.7639 Sq Ft.


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  1. Hello Sir,

    Can you please help to on how and where to start on offline application submission as you know the Online Registration is now closed which office we need to submit. It would be of great help

    Thanks a lot for your insights and help


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  3. Shanthi sekar Porur.Sir I own 1040sqft land and constructed house.Now I want to regularise.will there be any announcement by the government once again for regularisation .waiting

  4. K.Chandrasekhar

    Dear sir,I have an plot in perumbakkam gandhinagar society.I missed out initial registration on web portal of regularisation.and not able to submit there any chance of resuming in near future.

  5. i have registered during extension time Nov 12-Nov 16. now they say 10% fine applicable who have done registration during this period. When govt itself extending time and then asking for fine is not genuine, i think...

    i have registered during extension time Nov 12-Nov 16. now they say 10% fine applicable who have done registration during this period. When govt itself extending time and then asking for fine is not genuine, i think…

  6. I got my plot near Siruseri DTCP approved. But I read in newspapers yesterday that, in addition to the DTCP letter, for selling and registering the plot if I want to, then a letter of approval from the local authority is also needed: Otherwise the registration can not be done. Can you please check and explain this? If available, copies of such approvals can be posted, blacking out all personal matters like name, plot number etc.

  7. Sir, I am having a plot in madipakkam area which was registered in my name in 1996. The land/plot was first registered in 1957 and subsequently to 3 more buyers in 1984, 1986 and 1995. As per your article, if the land registered before three dates i.e. 5/8/1975 or 29/11/1972 or1/11/1980, then it will be considered as deemed regularised. Though i am a subsequent buyer of land (1996), whether this exemption is applicable to me or not. Whom should i approach in CMDA /Chennai corporation for clarification. AWaiting your response

  8. What happens to Land which are under HACA – Hill area conservative authority?
    There is no clear process or govt order stating how to convert those lands into a DTCP approved one.

      1. But the local panchayat office is stating that they have not received a GO for plots falling under HACA to proceed with DTCP approval process, I have done the online registration a year back and still waiting to hear from them. The LPA office members told to only keep in touch with the local panchayat office. Any comments or suggestions here?

  9. I have given some documents for regularizing the un approved plots. How to chek the status of the application, through web site

  10. It was said by the DTCP officials as appeared in the Times Of India on 08/12/2017 that Layout frame works would be uploaded online within two weeks. But nothing happened like that. Will the authorities please look into this and do the needful ?

  11. I applied through to regularise my plot + frame work approval request. Almost 60days over. No one in HNTDA Office / DTCP Chennai answer the status of my application. Don’t know what to do

  12. Dear sir, I am having plot in 1097 sq feet in palladam taluk tirupur district Sukkampalayam village )
    Panchayat people told to reqularisation but they didn’t give idea where to be done this process.
    So pls give some idea to be reqularisation my plot as immediate.
    My bank loan is hold due to this process.

    Thanks for your immediate help in this regard.


  13. my plot belongs to chennai city corporation i applied for regularisation so far no plots till the date not regularised. How many days taken for regularisation and payment advise has not come so far. No reponse in CMDA.

  14. Dear Sir,
    Great info on this website. In the above article you have mentioned that “All the Plots Registered before these dates in those areas, shall be ‘deemed as Regularised’, and owners need not apply for Regularisation.”
    Does it mean that the plot registered for the first time before 1972 or last registered in 1972? I would really appreciate your input.

  15. Hi sir! i santhosh.. from Palavakam ecr… i have a property 1091 sq.ft. this property was purchased on 1995. i dont know my property is approved or not… and also dont knw about i need Regularaise r not… now im going demolish my existing building. and re construct… so kindly gice me clarification

  16. Dear Team, I have one major doubt.. I had purchased the unapproved house site on dec 2015, I got building plan from concerned local body (president). G+1 building with one dwelling unit constructed as per plan. Now age of the property is around 2years old. I had obtained patta in my name. I am paying property tax and eb bill for the property. My property in gram panchayat limit.

    My doubt is whether i need to apply for regularisation of land or not

    Kindly clarify.

  17. Hi, the layout was framed in 1996, I purchased plot from from first owenr in April 2017(ban lift by Court =>allowed registration for the plot s registered first time before Oct 20th 2016). Is my plot eligible for regularisation

      1. Hi..we purchased a unapproved plot in injambakkam..we missed regularisation in online..can we register in offline whom we approach


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