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The Chennai Moffusil Bus Terminus (CMBT) at Koyambedu, inaugurated in 2002, holds the distinction of being one of the largest bus termini in Asia. However, the once-spacious 37-acre land is now struggling to accommodate the increasing number of buses, with around 2,100 buses, including 1,250 buses for the southern districts, operating 2,900 times a day. As the demand for more space for buses has risen, especially with the Metro Rail becoming operational and the congestion caused by the Koyambedu wholesale market, an urgent need for a more spacious terminus has become imperative.

To address this pressing need, the government scouted for a suitable and convenient piece of land south of Tambaram, mainly serving passengers from southern Tamil Nadu. After months of searching, the present location at Kilambakkam was identified for the new bus terminus. Once completed, it will span an impressive 88.52 acres, again becoming the largest bus station in Asia.

It is just on the GST Road near the Crescent College of Engineering, right after Vandalur.

The foundation stone for this ambitious project was laid in February 2019, with an initial completion target of June 2023. However, with rapid progress, the terminus is now expected to be ready for operations before the end of this year.

This New bus Terminus is a significant addition to Chennai’s public transportation infrastructure, promising to alleviate congestion at the Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus in Koyambedu and offer a more comfortable and convenient experience for passengers traveling to southern Tamil Nadu. The strategic location, well-designed amenities, and future connectivity plans of the terminus aim to transform commuting in the Chennai Metropolitan Area.

Highlights of the New Bus Terminus

Kilambakkam-Vandalur Bus Stand: A New Hub for Long-Distance Travel in Chennai 1

The cost of the terminus, with a built-up area of 6.4 lakh sq.ft, is estimated at ₹394 crore.

1. Passenger-Focused Features:

The terminus is built to international standards, prioritizing passenger comfort and convenience. With features like air-conditioning, CCTV cameras, and a public address system, passengers can expect a pleasant and secure environment during their travel. The emphasis on environmental sustainability is evident with the inclusion of solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

2.Ample Parking Facility:

The basement parking facility at the Vandalur-Kelambakkam Bus Terminus offers secure parking options for commuters. With a capacity of 2,285 parking bays, including designated spaces for cars and two-wheelers, passengers can conveniently park their vehicles while utilizing bus services. Enhanced security measures, such as well-lit premises and CCTV cameras, ensure the safety of vehicles and provide reassurance to passengers. Furthermore, the terminus includes a designated parking area outside the premises, accommodating up to 500 private buses, offering a convenient solution for private bus operators.

3.Bus bays:

The new bus stand will have a number of bus bays for both government buses and omni buses. The mofussil bus bays will be located in a large space, while the MTC bus terminus will be located in a smaller space. The MTC bus terminus will have a platform that is long and wide, with a roof that is wide. The design will also include interconnection of platforms with a walkway and escalators. A space has also been earmarked for a bus depot with a workshop. Stormwater drains and kerbs have also been planned along the roads.


The strategic location of the terminus ensures easy accessibility for a large number of people. Urappakkam Railway Station, approximately 1.1 kilometers away, offers convenient rail connectivity to the terminus. Additionally, the proposed Airport-Kilambakkam extension for the Chennai Metro will provide much-needed connectivity to the southern suburbs and help decongest traffic on the GST Road. Expected to be completed by 2025, this extension will boost economic development in the southern suburbs. A proposed skywalk connecting the terminus to Urappakkam Railway Station is also in the planning stages, offering a safe and convenient way for passengers to travel between the two points.

QR Code-Enabled Tickets: The Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) has announced the introduction of QR code-enabled tickets, enabling easy interchangeability between buses, metro trains, and suburban trains. This initiative will make commuting to the Kilambakkam terminus easy and hassle-free, further enhancing passenger convenience.

Economic Benefits

The New Bus Stand is not only expected to ease traffic congestion in and around Koyambedu, but it will also have a positive impact on the economic life of the area around it. The excellent connectivity to Outer Ring Road, Oragadam, and Sriperumbudur, apart from the GST road, will make the area more attractive to businesses and investors. This is likely to lead to an increase in economic activity in the area, which will benefit businesses and residents alike.


The Kelambakkam-Vandalur Bus Terminus is a remarkable milestone. By alleviating congestion at the Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus and providing a comfortable and convenient experience for passengers, it will mark a new era in the bus transport system. With its passenger-focused features, ample parking facility, and commitment to environmental sustainability, the terminus is set to improve the quality of commuting. As this modern facility begins operations, it is poised to become an integral part of Chennai’s evolving transportation landscape, enabling smoother and more efficient journeys for all.


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