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​Various terms denote the extent of an area of landed property. The common terms are Hectare, Acre, Cent, sq.meter, Ground etc.​

Always, it is better to have an idea of these terms to understand the offer of a seller. Because this will help calculate the value of land negotiated. This way one can avoid confusion at a later date. We intend this post for those who are new to these terms. 

Plot and Ground

One might have seen advertisements in Newspapers and Posters offering a ‘Plot’ of Land at a very low rate. Look at those advertisements closely. You may find that each plot measures say 600/900 sq. ft. only. This is much below a Ground. For, a ground of plot measures 2400 sq.ft.

A plot refers to a piece of land. It’s not a measuring unit. But, a Ground is a measuring unit. It refers to a land area measuring  2400 sq.ft.

Again, the dimensions of a Ground ie, the width and breadth can be of different for different plots. For example, the dimension of a Ground can be 40’x60′ or 20’x120′ or 30’x80′ or any other measurement making the area 2400 sq.ft.  Ground or Sqft is the Unit measurement of Land, given in the Land Documents of Lands promoted as Layouts. 

Other Measurements

Now, let us come to the other Area Measurements.They are Cents, Acres, Ares and Hectares. Land documents in Tamilnadu use these terms to denote Land Areas.

The following table will give a comparative idea of different Measurement Units 

1Hectare=   2.49 acreI acre=    100.04 cents1 cent=   435.54 sq.ft1sq. meter=  10.75 sq.ft

1 Are=1076 sq.ft

Find the Area of the Plot You Intend to Buy From the Layout Sketch

It’s important to know what’s the area of the plot you intend to buy. The area mentioned by the Seller should match what is in the documents.

Always, the Layout Sketch should mention the plot number the size and Survey number. Therefore, one can find the area of the plot from the sketch. The Buyers should verify these details by visiting the site.

Find the area of the property from the sale deed.

The Sale Deed of a resale property will give all the details of a property. If one is going to buy a resale property, they can find the area of the property in the Sale Deed. At the end of the narration of the Sale Deed will be the Schedule of Property. One can find in the Schedule of the property, all details of the property including the Area.

There, the area of the property will be in Ground or sq ft., if it is part of a Lay-out. In case the Property is an Agricultural Land, the area will be in Acres or Ares or Hectares. 

Measure the Land Before Buying

It’s better to engage a Surveyor to measure if one intends to buy a Land or Plot. This exercise is to check the correctness of the Measurements found in the Schedule of the property. Discrepancies, if any, it’s better to clarify with the Seller immediately





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    In olden days sell buy land and its measurement was being done by measuring chains and all the same land property is bein sell buy and measured by Inch tapes resultant the plot of One Kanal is presently 1 kanal 4 marlas the vairation is only due to change of measuring instruments and person who sold the land 1 kanal some 40 years back is weighing 1 kanal 4 marlas result dispute between old seller and present occupant how matter settles. Kindly layout via media formula

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