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The Tamil Nadu Government has notified the new Development and Building Rules, in 2019. It is applicable for the whole of Tamil Nadu. Its known as Tamilnadu Combined Development and Building Rules, 2019.

These Rules categorises buildings as High Rise and Non High Rise buildings. Buildings with a height up to 18.30 meters are non-high-rise buildings. For these non-high-rise buildings, the maximum floor space index allowed is 2.

Floor space index, also known as FSI, helps us calculate the maximum floor area that one can construct in a plot.

Calculation of Constructable Area

The FSI allowed is 2. This means, the total plinth area one can construct is twice the area of the plot. For example, if the plot area is 2400 square feet, the total plinth area of all floors that can be constructed in that plot can be up to 4800 square feet. There are exemptions for certain constructions when computing the floor area. Later in this article, we give the list of exemptions.

The calculation of FSI is not that simple. The road width, plot width, and height of the buildings also decide the constructable area. This is so because of the need to provide Set Back Spaces around the building.

For details about Set Back Spaces, click HERE. As a result, achieving the allowed FSI may not be possible often.

The Definition of FSI

FSI is one of the tools under the rules with which the government regulates the construction activity. In the Rules the FSI is defined as follows:

FSI  is the quotient obtained by dividing the total covered area (plinth) on all floors except the areas exempted under these regulations by the plot area, which includes part of the site used as exclusive passage.

FSI = Total covered area on all floors

Plot area

Exemptions from FSI norms

The exempted areas are also given in the rules. According to the Rules, the following shall not be counted towards FSI and plot coverage computations:

1. In the terrace above the topmost storey, areas covered by stair-case rooms and lift rooms, and passages thereto, architectural features, elevated tanks (provided its height below the tank from the floor does not exceed 1.5 meters), and WC (with floor area not exceeding 10 sq. meters).

2. Staircase and lift rooms, and passage thereto, in the stilt parking floor or upper floors used for parking

3. Staircase and lift rooms and passages thereto in the basement floor or floors used for parking.

4. Area of the basement floor or floors used for parking

5. Area of the stilt parking floor provided it is open on sides, and used for parking. in cases where upper floors or floors over a stilt parking floor is proposed for parking.

6. Servants’ or drivers’ bath room and water closet for each block in cases of non-high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings at ground floor or stilt parking floor

7. Watchman booth

8. A caretaker booth or room in ground floor or stilt parking floor

Achievable FSI Affects the Value of the Property

The market value of properties of the same size, in the same locality with different abutting road widths and different shapes, will differ. The wider the abutting road, the higher the price the property will fetch. Also properties with good width or frontage. This is so because a higher FSI could be achieved in a property with a wider abutting road, Frontage, and proper shape. This means more income by way of increased Floor Area that can be constructed and sold. For example, consider a plot of 2400 sqft on a narrow road of say, 15′ width. Further, the property has a small frontage. In this case, full FSI 2 may not be possible. This is because of the need to provide set-back spaces. Since the total constructable area may be low, the profitability of the construction venture will also be low. So, the price the land will fetch also be low.

Benefits of Increased FSI

Apart from allowing new constructions to build more floor area,as a result of this higher FSI,(earlier the FSI was 1.5 only), redevelopment activities are on the increase. Buildings/apartments constructed years ago, with old FSI norms are being redevloped now. This is a win win situation both for the occupants/owners as well as for the promoters.


22 responses to “FLOOR SPACE INDEX Chennai”

    • Land 84000 Sq
      Road 60 fit
      How many FSI Allowed regular
      Primium fis?
      How many floors ?
      Floor wise sq?
      Set back?

  1. 30×60 =1800 sqft
    20 feet Road
    Residential location
    Old house to be demolished and Re build a new Home ..
    G+2 or G+3 allowed for construction?
    What is the Maximum sqft allowed for construction?.. Plot located at Chennai

  2. Sir ,
    I have 4000 sq.ft plot area in Kodambakkam Chennai. How much sq.ft allowed to build in that plot . How much FSI allowed and how many sq.ft includes super area like flats. Thanks

  3. We have an apartment with 4 flats. Two flats are 2bhk and two flats are 3 bhk. On the plot admeasuring around 3700 sq ft with front road of 30 ft in Anna Nagar.
    How much can be FSI and are owners supposed to get new flats having the same carpet area if not more than that?

  4. Sir, near my home residence area, Tambaram West, 3000 sqf. area construction going on without spaces to neighbouring home, please advise how many feet space should keep. Thanks

    • Premium FSI 3.6 eligible for this plot. Further details please call 9962224101 and send me your exact location also..

  5. I hv a building in 2400 sft plot. I want to leave 15 ft width in ground follow for cark parking.15 x 40 ft. It is a Stilt plus 2 floor building. What could the width of the 2nd floor construction. Present FSI is 1.4 only. Pl.reply.

  6. 24 feet road
    40 feet frontage
    93 feet depth
    total area is 3790 sq.ft.
    what is the FSI limit allowed?

  7. 20 feet road width,infront of plot how many floors building can possible to construct.
    30 feet road width, infront of plot how many floor building can possible to construct.
    40 feet road width, and 60 feet road also.
    approximately plot area 60 ft x 40 ft = 2400 sqft.

  8. I am living in 36, Akbarabad First St and the builder wilfully built a unauthorised 2BHK Flat in the stilt floor and 18′ X 18′ studio flat in the open terrace illegally. Due to illegal construction now the builder lost the concession of stilt floor and the building becomes 4floor apartment.

  9. sir i am having 1800 sqft with B35 X L 56 Road 23 ft .what is current FSI limit for apartment contruction in Polichallur chennai 600074 india

  10. Sir, I am having a breadth of 22 feet and 100ft in length. Could you suggest the best possible area to utilize the ground floor, first floor and second with setbacks. As my plot breadth is very small how can I arrive the setback area. Please explain.

  11. Sir…The new building rules doesn’t say anything about exclusion of balcony for FSI calculation

    • Dear Thiru Sampathkumar,

      balcony is not covered area. It is an open area. Covered area means contents inside are not visible to see from outside. The contents in balcony are visible to any opposite flat residents. Hence balconies are not covered areas and hence they are not to be included in the FSI calculation.

  12. G.Sankaran i am having 2500 SQ.Ft with breath of 35 feet and length in 70 feet road. what current fsi limit for residendial building construction

  13. my aunty having land of 3600 sqft at ramakrishna st, next to sai baba mandir, perambur, the road width is 33 feet, what is the fsi now at present if she goes for construction, upto how many floors, please reply

  14. Ajit Kumar Chordia, president, CREDAI Chennai, says FSI rules need reform and ongoing discussions with government officials are aiming at higher FSI in premium areas.

    • Sir,
      My land size is 95ft length
      35 ft breath. Road width 120 ft.
      How many sq ft and how many floors can be achieved.

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