Chennai Properties

Village Name where the Plot/Land is Located and Survey Number of the Plot/Land/Layout are important information to ascertain the eligibility of the Plot/Land for Regularisation. These Information will be found in the Last Page of the Sale Deed under the Title Schedule of Property or சொத்து விவரம்.

If you are unable to understand the details, simply take a Photo of this Page and Upload the image by Clicking the Option 'Chose File" or 'Browse..' found at the end of this Form. Patta should be in the name of the Applicant.
Please Note that this Form is not an Application for Regularisation. These info are required for us to decide whether we can take up the job of getting Regularisation and also assess the expenses that one may have to spend on account of Regularisation.
We assure that the job will be done in a professional and transparent way

We undertake the job for plots/layouts in areas covered by CMDA, and nearby DTCP areas only.


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