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Various terms are used to denote the extent of an area of a landed property. Hectare, Acre, Cent, sq.meter, Ground etc.,are the common terms we find in the Land documents.

It is better to have an idea of these terms in order  to understand the offer of a seller and understand the Land documents more clearly and to calculate the value of the Land you are negotiating. This will help you avoid confusion  at a later date. This post is mainly intended for the young and the new.

Plot and Ground

You might have seen advertisements in News papers and Posters offering a ‘Plot’ of Land at a very low rate. If you look carefully at the advertisement, it will be mentioned that each plot measures say 600/900 sq. ft. only, which is much below a Ground. For, a ground of plot measures 2400 sq.ft.
The fact is that while a plot refers to a piece of land irrespective of its size, a Ground refers to a land area measuring  2400 sq.ft.
The dimensions of a Ground ie, the width and breadth can be of different for different plots.For example, the dimension of a Ground can be 40×60 or 20×120 or any other measure making the area 2400 sq.ft. 

All land documents, where the land is divided into Layouts, will give the measurement in Ground or sq ft only. 

However, of late, in the Official documents of CMDA and DTCP, all area measurements are given in sq. Meters, which is going to be the official practice hereafter.

Other Measurements

There are other area measurement terms like Cents, Acres, Ares and Hectares that are used to denote land areas in Land documents in Tamilnadu. 

The following table will give a comparative idea of different Measurement Units

1Hectare=   2.49 acre
I acre=    100.04 cents
1 cent=   435.54 sq.ft
1sq. meter=  10.75 sq.ft

1 Are=1076 sq.ft

Find the Area of the Plot You Intend to Buy From the Lay-out Sketch 

When a land is divided into housing plots, it is done so after allowing roads, parks, schools, market place etc. These common areas and amenities are provided, depending upon the extent of the land, the number of dwelling units proposed etc. 

Each plot will be given a number and the size of each plot will be given in the Lay-out Sketch. One can find the area of the plot from the sketch which has to be physically verified, even though it’s part of an approved Lay-out.

Find the Area of the Property from the Sale Deed 

If you are going to buy a resale property, the area of the property will find a place in the Sale Deed. The property details will be given in the Schedule of the property at the end of the narration of the Deed.

There, the area of the property will be given in Ground or sq ft., if it is part of a Lay-out In case the Property is an Agricultural Land, the area will be given in Acres or Ares or Hectares.

Measure the Land Before Buying

The Land or Plot one intends to buy should be measured by a Surveyor and should be checked against what is given in the Document Schedule. Discrepancies, if any, should be clarified with the Seller.

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