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ECR-The East Coast Road, Chennai

A Guide to Buy Properties in

The East Coast RoadGuide to Buy Properties in ECR

East Coast Road is a State Highway(49) connecting Chennai(Thiruvanmiyur) with Cuddalore.

It’s now proposed to be extended upto Kanyakumari, in the last stages.

Mr.Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Transports says (2015) that ECR would be developed into a National Highway.

However, for Chennaiites, ECR means the road upto Mahabalipuram or upto Pondichery.


The Road was formed and developed by connecting a some small and narrow lanes and Village Roads. It was inaugurated in 1998. Till then, the Roads that forms the present ECR were full of potholes, and was not motorable.

It was the Old Mahabalipuram Road that was used to reach Mahabalipuram, though the condition of that Road was also not in any way better.

Road Improvement is Still Not Completed

The distance between Thiruvanmiyur and Mahabalipuram is 42 KMs. Now, the areas upto Uthandi have been incorporated into Chennai Corporation.

The Road is narrow in many places and has a lot of bends before Pondichery which results in a number of accidents. Now the government is seized of the matter and the Road is being widened as a 4 lane one for which the land acquisition process upto Mahabalipuram is almost over.

An Attractive Place to Visit or Live

Apart from the historic Mahabalipuram, ECR has a number of places of interest and leisure joints which makes it one of the attractive destination for Tourists and Week-end revellers.

There are many ancient Temples in ECR. The Marundeeswarar Temple in Thiruvanmiyur, Nithya Kalyana Perumal Temple in Thiruvidanthai are two of them. The Prathyankara Devi Temple in Akkarai/Shlinganalur is another popular Temple.

The villages along ECR upto Uthandi are Thiruvanmiyur, Kottivakkam, Palavakkam, Neelankarai, Vettuvankeni, Injambakkam, Akkarai, Panayur, and then Uthandi.

Coastal Regulations Zone(CRZ) Notifications

In the above Villages, a few Layouts were Approved in the 1970s and 1980s.

After the Coastal Regulations Zone Notifications were published by the Ministry of Environment in 1991, NO Layout has been Approved by DTCP in ECR.

All of the Approved Layouts-VGP Palavakkam, Kapaleeswarar Nagar, Golden Beach, Sea Cliff Conclave, VGP South Avenue (NRI Layout), J Nagar, and VGP Uthandi Layout- were approved in the 197os or 1980s only.

The Notification has put restrictions on Constructions activities also.

The FSI allowed is only .8 in ECR.

NO Building Plan sanction will be allowed in CRZ II areas (200 Meters Upto Neelankarai) and upto 500 Meters (after Neelankarai).

Also, sub-division of Plots into less than 2 Grounds in size will not be allowed. In ECR, in most of these Layouts, the individual Plots were of the size of 3 Grounds and more. Some Villas have been Promoted in ECR in Golden Beach and other areas. The Land Areas associated with these Villas will be less than 2 Grounds and shall be in the form of UDS only.

Since the Notification put on hold any further Promotion of Layouts in ECR, Plots in the existing Layouts that were already Approved, are always in good demand.

Living Conditions Much Improved Now

These Layouts with broad tar topped roads, with Parks and Play areas are the attractions for Property Buyers. Many VIPs and Celebrities have their homes in these Layouts.The Layouts along the Road have been provided with street lighting and black topping. With more people moving in, the security environment is now better. Ground water is always good in the area. Also, piped water is supplied in most of the areas.

The restrictions on Construction activity ensures that the places will have clean air, and will remain uncongested. This is the main draw for Property Buyers to come to ECR.


The launch of Rajiv Gandhi Salai(OMR) which became working in 2008, further fueled Property Prices in ECR. The distance between ECR(Akkarai) and OMR(Sholinganallur) is only 2 KMs.

Impact of Ban on Registration of Unapproved Plots

Earlier, many Land Areas in ECR were plotted out without Approvals, and became ‘Layouts’. The Plots in those Layouts were in good demand, because there were no Bar on Registration of Unapproved Plots , and building Plans were Sanctioned by the Panchayats. There are a number of well laid Unapproved Plots in Injambakkam, Panayur, Uthandi and beyond, which have lost their value now because of the Ban.

With the Ban on Registration of Unapproved Plots on Oct 21, 2016, the choice for buyers is very small. They have to scout for Plots from among the existing Approved Layouts. This may eventually push up the prices further, once the markets get the momentum. Already there are signs for it.


Plots in Regularisable areas, above 200 Meters up to Neelankarai and above 500 Meters after Neelankarai, can be Regularised if the Plot owners apply for it. But how long it will take to get Regularisation Orders is anybody’s guess, in view of the logistics involved in it.

Government Projects that may have a bearing on property prices

East Coast Railway Line

The Pondy-Chennai Railway line has been sanctioned more than a decade ago.However, the implementation is tardy. The Railways have completed the preliminary works. The Problem appears to be lack of funds, and issues related to land acquisition.

In March 2017, the then Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, while on a visit to Tamilnadu, sought the cooperation of the Tamilnadu Government.

“As a step towards acquiring land, the Registration Department on July 18 issued an order restricting any transaction of certain localities in around 80 places.” says The Hindu. These 80 places are in Puduchery.

The Hindu further states: “The tentative alignment for the railway line between Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR) and East Coast Road (ECR) is along Sholinganallur, Kovalam, Tiruporur, Mamallapuram, Kalpakkam, Kuvathur, Cheyyur, Marakanam, Kunimedu, Kuyilappalayam, Jipmer, Bahour, Varakalpattu and Tirupadipuliyur and terminate at the Cuddalore Port junction.”

Once the work of laying the line started, the property prices may boom further.

Buckingham Canal Revamp

Buckingham Canal which runs from Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh to Vilupuram, is running parallel to ECR, after Thiruvanmiyur till Marakanam. Now the Center proposes to do a major makeover of the canal making it suitable for ferrying people and cargo. This also will have its impact on the Prices of Properties in ECR

Points to Keep in Mind While Buying a Property in ECR

Like in other places, here also Property Transactions are few. However, the prices continue to rule high in most of the places in ECR.

Buyers may do well to keep the following in mind before venturing into Buying a Plot in ECR:

1)There are only 5 or 6 Approved Layouts in ECR after Neelankarai. This means the number of Plots are almost a fixed quantity. No fresh Layouts shall be approved in view of the CRZ.

2)Sub-divisions of a Land area may take place occasionally. Minimum size of the Plot for which Approval, after sub-division shall be given, is 2 Grounds.

3)Most of the Plots are 3 Grounds and more. 1 Ground Plots are available in Uthandi VGP Layout only.

4)Fresh Supply of Approved Plots may come from Sub-division of Lands, and not from a Layout.

These factors will continue to influence the prices.

Property Prices in ECR Today

At present Plots are quoting at the rate of 1.25 Cr to 1.5 Cr per Ground for 1 Gr Plots in Uthandi VGP ; 1.25 Cr in VGP NRI Layout Panayur and J Nagar Panayur; 1.7 Cr to 2 Cr in VGP Sea Cliff Conclave, Akkarai; 1.5 Cr in VGP Golden Beach Injambakkam; 2 Cr to 2.5 Cr in Neelankarai Kapaleeswarar Nagar.

Commercial Lands

ECR has become a busy area nowadays. The widening of the Road has resulted in increased traffic. With the development in infrastructure, almost all the areas have seen steady growth of inhabitants. To cater to the needs of the travellers, and local population, many reputed Brands have opened their outlet in ECR. Departmental Stores and all essentials are available in ECR.

There are a few good OnRoad Plots in ECR. The price ranges from 1.3 Cr/Gr to 2.5 Cr/Gr. All the Land Areas are big ones, above 3 Grounds

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