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Common area ratio – Chennai – The Hindu

I have booked a flat in an multi-storey project’s phase-1 that has four towers with common amenities. On measuring the carpet area, I found out that the common area percentage adopted for the tower I have booked a flat in is worked out at 27% whereas for two other towers it’s at 21%. No special common utility area is available for this tower.Can different common area ratios be adopted for different towers in the same phase that have same amenities?V.S.Kishore KumarChennai

The common area ratio will depend on the area of lobbies, staircases, passages etc., provided in the tower and in your case, it is possible that each tower is designed differently.You can request your builder to provide a statement from the architect as to the common area attributable to each apartment as well as each tower.

Source: Common area ratio – Chennai – The Hindu-Property Plus 22 April 2017

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